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ICG President's Message for November
by Darla Kruger

November 2001 ICG President's Message Hello everyone. I hope your Halloween was both fun and safe. I also hope my message this month finds everyone getting their lives back to normal. I know things have been tough. I myself have been known to phase out once in a while, but I'm finding things getting better.
As promised, I have a special offer for all ICG members. Recently, I was contacted by a wonderful publisher about a book deal just for us. Boydell & Brewer [] publishes some amazing books on historical clothing subjects. Their specialty is the Medieval period, but apparently they'll be expanding their costume book list beyond just this particular subject. For now, however, they've offered all their costuming titles to us at a 25% discount. They sent us a copy of one of their more recent titles, "Textiles and Clothing, c. 1150-c. 1450." Jess Miller is presently reading it and will review the book for us. So far, she says it's amazing. I'm looking forward to hearing what Jess has to say. In the meantime, I'm including a copy of Boydell & Brewer's flier with their book titles and descriptions, prices, and order forms with the hard copy of this message. I'm asking all the chapters of the ICG to please include a copy of this flier with your newsletters so all ICG members may receive this benefit. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of being an ICG member and I hope you all enjoy this perk.
This isn't the end of our search for added ICG membership benefits. I can't promise, but we're working on another book publisher who has a much wider range of subject matters in the costuming field, and we're even approaching an on-line fabric dealer to try and get special discounts for our members. We'll let you know as more companies come forward with special offers.
Darla Kruger President, ICG

Convention Report:  Milehi con 33
By michael

Well, with the exception of the Masquerade starting 30 minutes late and judging somehow taking incredibly long, I'd say that the costuming portion of MileHi Con was a resounding success.
I'd like to start by thanking all those guild members and friends who helped out, Vandy Vandervort, Robbi and Curtis Dyer, Pierre and Sandy Pettinger, Dave Kinnaman, Greg Bradt, Linda Peterson, Andrea Wernz-Hurtt, Chris and Kimberly Rose, Melissa Scheel, Tori Schneider, David Hang and other volunteers.  (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.)
Starting on Friday night, the Costumer's Party seemed to go well.  We watched the Masquerade Videos from Worldcon '98 and '00 as well as a mixed masquerade tape that I've compiled.  Over the course of the night, we cycled about 3 dozen people through my room.  I definitely think we should do it again next year.  We also had one new member pay her dues at the party, Amanda Berman.  I hope everyone makes her feel welcome.
Saturday, as usual was my busy day.  Masquerade Registration opened at 10 am in conjunction with the Costume Display in the Art Show and the first Costume panel of the day.  All of the costuming panels that I arranged seemed to go very well, and seemed to be well received by the attendees.  All of the panels had at least a dozen people attending.  The
Needles and Sequins panel on Sunday had the most people, filling the small room it was in.  Over all, the Costuming from Art tour of the Art Show was the most popular.  People were in the Art Show waiting for it start before 11 am on Saturday.
As mentioned earlier, the Masquerade went on 30 minutes late with a total of 20 entries.  I think I just got overwhelmed the last hour before showtime with details.  I definitely think that I need an assistant for next year.  Any volunteers?
The complete running list and awards from the Masquerade are as follows:

MileHi Con 33 Masquerade

There were a total of 20 entries:  9 Junior, 11 Adult (3 Advanced, 8 Novice)

Masquerade Director and MC:  Michael Bruno

Judges:  Kimberly Jewell
                Linda Peterson
                Tri-Destiny (Gentry, Paige & Kat Leigh)

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