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Slavemaster of Xur

I presented this costume with a friend at AggieCon '98. The premise for the presentation is that my friend was a concubine the the Emperor of Xur. Under the cover of darkness, she esaped from the palace. Little did she know, but there is no escape from the Slavemasters of Xur. She tried to hide on stage, but I easily found her and took her back to the palace. I already had my costume, so I created one for her to accompany me. The robe was a middle eastern I made for the SCA. The mask was made to wear to a Mardi Gras party. The mask is made from plaster bandages. I wanted the mask to fit my head securely on its own without being tied on, etc. I also wanted to be able to wear my glasses so I could see. So, I wrapped my head in saran wrap and molded the bandages around my head and over my glasses. It was really difficult to do on my own. The mask fit my head perfectly over my glasses, unfortunately I have new glasses now and the don't fit under the mask. The green hair on the mask is macrame cord that was hot glued on in individual strands; it gave a great, braided, dreadlock look. The robe has also been worn by SS'ar.